Test Pressing Is Learning To Fly

March 10, 2009

Test Pressing Gets Wings

Test Pressing is growing. It’s happening slowly but new writers are coming on board to share opinion, write about what matters to them, and keep the wheels turning. In the coming weeks we hope to bring you stories on finding the only record collector in deepest Georgia (the one in between Azerbaijan and Russia), review some new releases, a report on visiting Moodyman’s Soul Skate in Detroit and bring you more tapes from the vaults.

Last week Giacomo made himself known with a lovely piece on visiting Submerge in Detroit, and this week we are happy to announce the arrival of our new columnist, Waldo (D.R) Dobbs. Waldo arrives with tongue firmly in cheek but with opinions to go. Who knows where this is all headed but as long its forwards it’s all alright with us.


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