Jon Savage Kicked My Desk Over Once…

March 15, 2009


He did. Whilst pogoing to some daft record playing in our office. And he’s also on this great documentary about Rough Trade by the BBC. From the shop to the label, the creation of the Cartel (the UKs independent music distribution network), bankruptcy, getting back on their feet thanks to The Smiths, bankruptcy again, getting back on their feet thanks to The Strokes, this is a great story with early footage of The Normal, The Raincoats, Scritti Politti, The Fall and others.

As Geoff Travis says, ‘It’s kind of flattering that people are interested in what happened in the past and what used to happen, but that’s not really of much concern to us. We live in the present and the only thing that’s important is what happens now and what happens next’. Seems to be a reoccurring theme with the future makers.

It’s available on the BBC iPlayer until 20th March and is highly recommended. Also available until the same day is a ‘Rough Trade artists at The BBC’ compilation hour.


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