Labels 001: Information

June 12, 2009

Information Logo

I was thinking the other day it would be good to do a few little label round-ups and start covering some new music alongside the mixes and tracks so here we go. First up is Gothenburg-based Information records that not only produce incredible records in beautiful sleeves but also have a quality line in T-shirts and posters. Lead release for Information this year is the debut album from Fontan on August the 24th, ‘Wintherhwila’, as well as a limited release of some low-down song-based tracks from Dan Lissvik’s new project The Crepes in mid-July. After that I am hoping we’ll see a new Studio album. A quality label through and through.

Fontan Promo CD

The Fontan album is sounding fantastic, kind of like Studio with a twist. It’s got the cosmic disco vibe locked down with the Information stamp of quality. Here are a few excerpts for you to check out. We’ll try and get an interview sorted with the guys at some point.

Land Of The Dragon (Excerpt)

Neanderthaler (Excerpt)

The Bridge (Excerpt)

…You Too (Excerpt)



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