Mix: Gentleman Mixer – BBQ Special

June 17, 2009

Seeing as mid-summer is almost here I thought I’d post this mix I got sent from a good friend of Test Pressing – Adam Khan a.k.a Gentleman Mixer. It’s got that low-down summer vibe all wrapped up. Tidy.

Adam Khan: The Groove That Soothes That Moves Romance

Rick James: Bring The Sunshine On
Eddie Harris: Its Alright Now
Donald Byrd: Dominoes (12”)
Amerie: One Thing (Silk Remix)
Bar-Kays: You Can’t Run Away
Djvan feat Marziazinha: Nereci
LA Boppers: You Did It Good
LV: Throw Your Hands Up
Plantlife: Sun Hits The Sky (4 hero mix)
Mary J Bilge: Be Happy
Sly & Family Stone: Time For Livin’
Sylvia Stripplin: You Can’t Turn Me Away
Crazy Penis: You Started Something
Donnell Jones: U Know What’s Up (instrumental)
The Jacksons: That’s What You Get For Being Polite

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