Mix: Moonboots – Live At Afternoon Sessions (Cafe 1001)

June 26, 2009

Moonboots will hate me for saying this but as well as being a top bloke he’s a bit of a Manchester legend and along with Phil Mison, Baleric Mike and Jason Boardman has been flying the balearic flag for many a year. From supplying the Dust Brothers with the records that created their sound from behind the counter at Eastern Bloc for Naked Under Leather with Phil South (now Golf Channel in NYC) through to his lovely “Originals” with Mike on Mudd’s Claremont 56 imprint he’s always had an ear for the alternative, good and well very, very balearic.

This is the first in a series of mixes we will be posting from London’s aforementioned Afternoon Sessions. Afternoon Sessions started as Phil Mison and Steve Terry wanted to put on a party as DJ Hugh Herrera was visiting. From there, well, they just carried on really. For an afternoon of mellow music with lovely people it’s a great place to visit. This mix is from a few years back and hasn’t dated a jot. Hopefully Moon will be coming through with a new mix at some point but until then here’s something to keep us going.

Moonboots – Afternoon Sessions (Cafe 1001)
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