Mix: DJ Alex – The Flyer As Art

June 26, 2009

Steve Terry is the DJ and promoter behind London’s ESP with Nathan Gregory Wilkins and the Afternoon Sessions with Phil Mison. As well as being one of our favourite DJs for his deep melodic style Steve has kindly donated a batch of mixes and flyers from the past years featuring amongst others Moonboots, Balearic Mike, Joel Martin, Gerry Rooney and other London heads so look out for those.

In November 2005, Terry organised an exhibition of club art and flyers featuring work from James Joyce, Fred Deakin and Ali Augur amongst others. To go along with the exhibition Steve asked DJ Alex from London’s Voices Collective to donate a mix and here it is. The Voices Collective is made up of Cedric Woo, John Ramar and DJ Alex. They promote all night parties playing an open selection style with a balearic disco twist. Their next party is on the 3rd of July at London’s Plastic People. Cedric, if you’re reading, get in touch and hit us up with a mix. Good people doing it for the right reasons.

The Flyer As Art Mix – DJ Alex
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