Feet First

June 30, 2009

Wandering Feet

Emma Warren, one of the Test Pressing contributors has been producing various radio shows/podcasts for the Red Bull group, so we thought we’d post one here and ask a little about what the shows are about. Over to Emma…

I’ve been doing a monthly podcast for the Red Bull Music Academy since January this year. Each month I make my way up to Clerkenwell Green, clutching a handful of my favourite tunes of the day, ready to step inside the vocal booth and get recording. I’m working with the team who create content for the RBMAradio.com site which means that we get access to amazing people. So far I’ve had interviews with Baaba Maal, William Orbit and a customised jingle from Tippa Irie as well as full access to the catalogue of couch interviews that happen each year at the academy. But anyway, this is the current Wandering Feet podcast. It’s got music from Goldielocks (above) and Mark Pritchard, Sa Ra’s Om’Mas Keith and Debruit plus new school Portuguese techno boys Photonz as well as interviews with Subeena, Dirty Projectors and Baaba Maal. The one before had Musinah and a fab new tunes from kizomba hip hop duo Ritchaz e Keke and the next one, which I recorded this week, will have new music from Little Dragon and a TRG mix of Moderat as well as a super-sweet interview with dubstep’s Mala. Til that goes up next month, here’s Wandering Feet.

Wandering Feet – June
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(Image courtesy of Debbie Bragg/Everynight)

[Emma Warren]


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