Spotify Playlists 01 (Updated Again)

July 7, 2009

Apiento 01:12

It seemed like there wasn’t a place to capture those Spotify playlists floating about so I thought I’d get a few together. You know what to do. Copy the link in your browser and off you go. It’s the modern C90.

Update: Just added a couple of lovely playlists from Manchester’s Jason Boardman – one of Aficionado favourites and also an Electric Elephant 2009 playlist. Better get the free music while you can as apparently Spotify are looking for a cash injection of up to £30M.

Jason Boardman’s Aficionado Classics

Jason Boardman’s Electric Elephant 2009 Playlist

Apiento playlist 01:12 (tracklisting above)

DJ History Balearic 25 & More

Wonderfulsound Libraries Spotify Playlist – The Harbour Mystery

Start of a Compass Point and related playlist…

Ripped In Glasgow Influences Playlist

Tim Hayter’s early disco playlist

Balearic beats from Jolyon Green and Moonboots

Low-down funky business courtesy of Rocky of X-Press 2 and Ballistic Brothers fame

Sweet Brasilian sounds courtesy of Russ F over at Brownswood

Send yours in if you feel like getting involved here. More to follow.



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