The Face: Sheryl Garratt Chicago House Piece

July 21, 2009

September ’86 saw Sheryl Garratt visiting Chicago to cover the emerging house scene. It’s perhaps the best piece on ‘house’ written to date (and that’s without even mentioning Neville Brody’s design). We will be speaking to Sheryl in the near future about her life in clubs.

“Ron mixes “Go bang” by Dinosaur L into a treated tape of Aretha singing “Respect”, the Willie Colon and Denise Laselle acapella leads – unbelievably – into Sade singing “Maureen” without the advanced aerobics on the dancefloor ever slackening…”


House 86 - The Face
House 2
House 3
House 4
House 5
House 6


One Response to “The Face: Sheryl Garratt Chicago House Piece”

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