Taken By Trees – Ex-Concretes Singer Comes Through

September 4, 2009

Taken By Trees,Dan Lissvik,Balearic,Test Pressing,Mellow

Taken By Trees is Victoria Bergsman’s, ex-singer of The Concretes, new solo project. I really can’t recommend this album enough for those of a (new) balearic attitude and as it’s also produced by Dan Lissvik of Studio fame it obviously scores highly on the Padilla score board. An Eastern feel takes centre stage as bongos, chanting, recorders (Eastern?) and sitars all feature as the album progresses.

The only downside of the album is a cover of The Animal Collective’s ‘My Girls’, now renamed ‘My Boys’, which feels, well, just too soon really, and takes the album off in a slightly twee direction when, much like Fever Ray’s recent album, it was moving along quite happily in a world of its own. As an album it’s over pretty quickly which, in these days of fourteen minute cosmic epics, feels pretty refreshing. Sharp, hippy, to the point and your wife will love it.

Taken By Trees ‘East Of Eden’ is released September 6th by Rough Trade Records.



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