Radio Show: Sole Music

September 20, 2009

Emma Warren, journalist and contributor at Test Pressing, has been part of the Red Bull team for some time now. Here she is talking about her lovely Wandering Feet show…

Wandering Feet

I’ve been doing these podcasts every month since January now. They’re linked to the Red Bull Music Academy, which is coming to London in February and March next year, but they’re mostly about what I’m tagging ‘new music and old-school knowledge’. This month we have music from Taken By Trees; an exclusive forthcoming track from American basshead and new Hyperdub signing Faltydl; a Wiley mix of Speech Debelle, before she won the Mercury; and Venezuelan dubstepper Cardopusher on a funky tip. We also have a few words from Candi Staton (did you know You Got The Love started life as the theme tune for an American dieting product?) and DJ Zinc came down to the studio to talk about junglist influences and his new jump-up house tunes. It’s worth taking a look at the Red Bull Music Academy site anyway, because there are hundreds of video interviews with everyone from Arto Lindsay to Bob Moog to Sly and Robbie. Ditto the radio site, RBMA Radio. My top recommendations would include the Warp special currently on the frontpage. And the new Wandering Feet, of course.

Get the show here.

[Emma Warren]


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