Flyer: Boy’s Own – Bogner Regis

September 22, 2009

Boy's Own Bogner Regis Flyer
Boy's Own Flyer

In a recent interview for the Defected website Darren Emerson was asked about his initial involvement with the Boy’s Own crew. Here’s what he said…

When and how did you start playing at the parties for Boy’s Own?

The one that sticks out is the one where Andrew asked me fill in for because he couldn’t make it and he requested me to play for him. I was honoured because I looked up to Andrew and thought it was a fantastic thing to be asked to do, at a young age as well. It was in Bogner Regis so it was a weekender, I remember going on and doing my usual thing of using two records and starting off with a long intro. I remember Norman Cook was there and it was the first house party he’d been to, and he always says now in interviews that I was the first person to get him into house music. I remember using Robert Owen’s ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’ over and over again just looping it and going back and forth. Justin Robertson was playing there as well, it was really good fun to play that weekender. I remember waking up the next day and feeling a bit hazy sharing a hair of the dog with Charlie Chester! I spent that Sunday with him at the bar having Sunday afternoon pints.
Thanks to Phil Mison (love the way you wrote ‘now that we’ve found love’ on the flyer Phil – Ed)


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