Streatham Island Discs No.11: The Necessaries – More Real

December 2, 2009


My fascination with all things Arthur Russell began in the mid 80s, spurred by David Toop’s championing of his work in The Face. Things like ‘Wax The Van’, ‘Schoolbell/Treehouse’ and ‘Let’s Go Swimming’ were current releases, but only gave a partial picture of the breadth of Arthur’s interests. In the background were not only his avant garde cello pieces – ‘World of Echo’ was the only easily available example – but also his short-lived career in a new wave band in 1981/82.

The Necessaries made one-and-a-bit LPs (two releases, but some tracks are common to both). You can hear how they would have fit with that almost-funky guitar sound current a the time – The Feelies, The Bongos, pre-Eno Talking Heads – the kind of thing Vampire Weekend lifted their style from.

This track is a favourite. There’s something both vulnerable and hopeful in Arthur’s lyrics and delivery which I love.

The Necessaries: More Real

[Tim H]


One Response to “Streatham Island Discs No.11: The Necessaries – More Real”

  1. Jsus Says:

    Great Track!!!!

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