Happy Christmas From All At Test Pressing

December 23, 2009

It’s been a good year at Test Pressing towers. We posted a Detroit legends home phone number by accident, hosted lots of amazing mixes from our favourite balearic anything goes DJs (special thanks to Phil Mison, Balearic Mike, Moonboots, Jolyon and Lexx) and played host to some amazing old tapes from Alfredo, Soul II Soul/The Wild Bunch and Jose Padilla.

Old Face and i-D magazines got plundered, Tim H introduced us to fine pieces of music in his Streatham Island Discs column, Waldo stirred it up and Dr Rob came on board at the end of the year to share his thoughts on his new life in Japan, as well his series of Tokyo To Kissa mixes. Wally Badarou and Dennis Bovell got the Test Pressing inquisition and Dave Dorrell proved himself, in hindsight, to be the most erudite quotable acid house DJ (see below). Write the book Dave.

Also, we’d love more new people to come on board next year to write about design, film, TV, news, photography, art, whatever really, so if interested get in touch here.

Stay tuned for more of the same next year and enjoy your break. We may be back before the year is out and we may not, depending how we feel. Keep it tidy and remember, it’s all about the nippers.



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