Test Pressing Mind On The Run Take Over

December 30, 2009

Test Pressing started in December 2008 and was partially inspired by some Swedish friends who, as well as being behind the rather good Parlour 7″, are also kings of the Swedish balearic beat and the chaps behind the always good Mind On The Run blog. If you though the balearic well was running dry these two show the depth of music that is out there.

We asked them to select their favourite tracks from the site and here we are. There are twenty tracks in total so we’ve split them into two parts. Part two follows soon.

Paul Davidson: Midnight Rider

Blue Gene Tyranny: Next Time Might Be Your Time

Torkel Rasmusson: Resan

The Gipsy Kings: Ternuras

Bernt Staf: Valhall

Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation: Watch ‘n’ Chain

Scorpions: I’m Going Mad

Mikael Ramel: Imorron E En Ny Da (Instrumental)

Terry Jacks: It’s Been There From The Start

E.S.P: It’s You

In case you missed the link here it is again, Mind On The Run.


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