Back In The Pirate Days: Kiss 94 Newsletter – July/August 1988

February 22, 2010

Before going legal the pirate radio station Kiss was going under the name Kiss 94 FM. This newsletter comes from deep in the Ninja Tune vaults and was sent out to members of the mailing list (of 3500) to inform on the DJs, parties, merchandise and more. Kiss had such a ridiculous line up back in those days – Jay Strongman, Norman Jay, Rampling, Richie Rich, Mannasseh, Coldcut, Trouble, Jazzie B, Colin’s Favor & Dale and Patrick Forge – all playing the best in underground dance.

Interesting to read the thoughts on who was breaking the signal of the station then, ‘The reason for the breaks in transmission are many. It’s hard to pinpoint precisely who is breaking the transmission, we know the D.T.I are responsible for most of the busts, but we have reason to believe that ‘outside forces’ are also at work’. Danny Rampling was Danny Ramplin and known for his ‘lively presentation!’. Does this mean whispering “balearic” across the airwaves of London? Anyway, more to follow.

Thanks to Strictly Kev.


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One Response to “Back In The Pirate Days: Kiss 94 Newsletter – July/August 1988”

  1. Keep it up, I’m really digging these long posts, lately I have more and more time to read through your blog and I am just loving it!

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