Party: Gettin Hectic A.K.A The Best Night Out Next Saturday In Vauxhall

April 8, 2010

Our Adam has a night to plug. Sounds like a fun one – Ed…

Gettin Hectic is the occasional party I have been involved with for the last 11 years. We’ve criss-crossed London venues, been feted in newspapers, The Face and even had a party in New York and its twin city of Leicester. Now we are laying it to a timely rest with a huge jamboree at Vauxhall’s Hidden night club.

The night will be the equivalent of the last day of term when you could bring in buckaroo, a massive Boy Scout ging gang gooly where loads of girls from the next field have invaded and brought Lambert & Butler, hooch and poppers. Music-wise, it’s like your over excited little brothers are slapping together hip hop, funk, soul, house, rock and/or roll and those odd records that blow up every party. Damn, I nearly made it through without any clichés. We’ve got a great venue, we have lots of friends but we would like even more….. Gettin Hectic – we were never being bored.

[Adam K]

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