Party: World Unknown

April 8, 2010

We’ve been chatting to Andy Blake of Dissident for a while so we are happy to say that he is going to be on board as a writer with us, posting pieces from his vault of magazines and books, creating mixes and updating us with news on the parties he is working on, playing at and generally whats making his world spin.

If you don’t know Andy things to know are that Dissident was a label doing the right things, World Unknown is his night focusing on the harder end of the balearic spectrum and he is as happy at home playing house and techno as he is exploring obscure US or European disco and cosmic funk oddities in a smaller space. playing reggae and dub sets at his Dubco nights or simply playing straight-up proper disco and afro grooves anywhere.

He has a new label starting soon going by the name of Cave Paintings, the first release that we heard was the sound of machines. Real live machines. No edits, no fx in Logic or Pro-tools, just straight up keyboards and drum machines. Sounded fresh.

Finally, Andy’s one of the vinyl over digital people. He believes in a ‘kind of sonic voodoo in the grooves of a record cut at the time that the music was actually made’ and thus will only play 12s and 7s. This we like. As for choosing vinyl over digital, it’s that choice that many people involved with the site have made in the realisation that its far more fun, intuitive and engaging to work with a big pile of records than wallets full of CDs or software, laptops and midi controllers.

Anyway, enough from us and over to Andy. Welcome.


So then, how do i describe my party to you in my first post on test pressing without coming across like some shameless self promoting tool?

World Unknown is a little do that me and my mates, Joe Hart and Duncan Clark, put on every month in a boss little railway arch in Brixton with a nice big old fashioned mis-matched reggae sound system. Although our flyers say stuff like synth wave, ebm, new beat, acid, the music we play includes a lot more than that and could loosely be described as the darker, edgier end of balearic.

Friday 16th of April is our 6th installment and we’ve got a live set from well known techno fast food outlet Subway. In all seriousness this is going to be really rather smart indeed. We’ve already got a very nice vibe going and a genuinely great crowd ranging from wide-eyed teenies to seen it, done it 30 and 40-something veterans of the acid house wars and it seems to get better and better at each one.

We’re also in the process of putting together a pretty tasty optikinetics projector-based psychedelic light show. We’ll have a fair chunk of it ready for the 16th and it should be in it’s full stroboscopic swing by the may edition. Guests so far have included Alex Patterson from The Orb, Ali Renault, Radical Majik, Gold Blood and Con Mun Gos, and future live sets will include Cage & Aviary, Gatto Fritto/Hungry Ghost, Neville Watson and Kink, Snuff Crew and more.

If you are interested in what we are up to we have website with various mixes from Joe and myself, photos from the parties and links to other people and stuff that we like at the World Unknown website and if you fancy coming to the party just email us here and we’ll furnish you with the location details.

All the best then and hopefully see some of you at the party one day,


[Andy Blake]

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