Mix: Niles & Baggy – Emotional Pop

May 13, 2010

Niles & Baggy are two of the chaps behind Cosmic Disco. Entertaining music lovers with their hearts in the right places. In their own words, ‘Niles and Baggy know emotion, they live emotion, they are emotion. They know pain and they know glory. It coarses through their veins and drowns their hearts. Love and hate, joy and sadness, anger and fear – they are in touch with their souls. They ain’t afraid to cry, but then they aren’t reticent to strip to the waist and beat their chests in a display of primal expression either. And this shit needs soundtracking. It needs segueing and to made available to stream and download on the internet and we need it now.

And so we can present the below blend for your attention. Feel Baggy wiping the torrent of salty tears away to the instrumental of Shabba Ranks and Niles stood arms aloft on a sofa to ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’. Boys don’t cry but, in private, anything goes to this mix. Fill your boots and eyes.

Catch Niles playing the Upcoming Trip Festival as part of Cosmic Disco (Saturday in the Balearic Tent) and check the Makin’ Music podcast site for literally weeks worth of reem music from Baggy & Niles.’ Get it.

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3 Responses to “Mix: Niles & Baggy – Emotional Pop”

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