2 Minute Interview: Andrew Hale (Sade) On The Making Of Paradise

May 26, 2010

Sade had a new album out recently so we grabbed two minutes to ask Andrew Hale of Sade about the making of our favourite Sade track, ‘Paradise’. To go along with the interview you can press play if you like on our edit of the track though saying that you’ll be long done on the interview before the vocals even arrive at four minutes in.

You once told me about the recording of ‘Paradise’. Can you recount the story. I seem to remember it involved a studio in the tropics, a late night and your co-hort Stuart hitting a riff and staying on it. Tell us about it.. Where were you? Was it all in one session? When did the vocals come into it the session? Was it all pretty organic? It could be one of the most perfect sunshine records ever.

The sunshine is definitely in the record. We started the album at Compass Point – which doesn’t need any introduction to Test Pressing. We were super excited about it after the records that had been made there and hoped some of the magic would rub off! The MCI desk sounded great – the people around were amazing – Tina (Weymouth) and Chris (Frantz) still living up behind the studio and Robert Palmer living opposite. Bought a little dinghy and went out snorkeling with Chris Blackwell’s mum who was a real character. Ate a lot of conch fritters…

‘Paradise’ began late one night after a trip into town and lots of alcohol – built around the bassline which we literally jammed around for hours… And there it is.

Sade: Paradise (Apiento & Co. Pop Life Edit)


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