New Release: Mascara – Golden Years

May 28, 2010

Always nice to write about new releases and even better when on a new label brought to you by Manchester’s Jason Boardman. The label is called Homophono and first up is Mascara’s cover of Bowie’s ‘Golden Years’ which comes with a Homophono edit. It’s looking nice on white vinyl with the first 250 in limited edition fold out poster sleeve and the next 250 in a gatefold number. The track has been digitally remastered and as some of you may know has been getting plays from all the right people (Idjuts etc…) since last summer.

Mascara was a studio project made up of Caister soul DJ Chris Hill and producer Jurgen S Korduletsch who recorded the lost classic of a disco album that is ‘See You in LA’. ‘Golden Years’, taken from the album, was conceived in Chris’s words ‘as a filler track and a nice opportunity to do a cover version’. Sounds far better than that to us.

‘Golden Years’ is out and about in the coming week via Piccadilly, Rough Trade, Phonica, Soul Jazz and all good record shops.


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