Test Pressing Summer Round-Up 2010

July 12, 2010

We asked those around us for a little mid-year update so here we go… Hopefully it will inspire some digging.

Favourite Release Of The Year So Far: Parlour #2
Best Film: Nothing inspiring so far this year
Best Rediscovery In Your Record Collection: Friedemann – Indian Summer
Label: Claremont 56 / Leng
Book: Simone & Inés Ortega – The Book of Tapas
Magazine: Monocle
DJ: Chris Maude
TV Program: Bored To Death

Favourite Release Of The Year So Far: Cantoma, Pacific Horizons, Mark Mcguire, Maxxi & Zeus’ ‘Struggle’
Best Film: Haven`t watched a single film other than old japanese stuff (trying to improve my language) on cable – Sonatine on Channel Neco – someone sent me a DVD of Shane Meadows This Is England – had to switch it off after 30 mins it was so shit – UP?
Best Rediscovery In Your Record Collection: Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – Shakin` All Over
Label: Still Claremont 56
Book: Patti Smith – Just Kids
DJ: That I’ve seen this year? Max Essa, Guy Bassett
TV Program: かいぶつくん

Favourite Release Of The Year So Far…
LPs: Steve Mason, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Cantoma, Beach House, Massive Attack, Lake Heartbeat
Singles: Broken Bells – The High Road, Begin – Optical Holiday, Parlour #2, Holger Czukay – Let’s Get Hot/Cool, Loccosoulus – Little Boots, Mudd & Pollard – Vincent, Frankie Goes To Hollywood – PLeasuredome (Soul Mekanik Remix), Pacific Horizons – The Amulet, … or Sam Sallon if I’m allowed?
Reissue/Compilations: Lou Bond – S/T, Mark Cappanni – I Believe In Miracles, Various – Pomegranates, … or Down To The Sea And Back if I’m allowed?
Best Film: A Single Man, Un Prophete
Best Rediscovery In Your Record Collection: Dust Springfield – Nothing Has Been Proved, Larry Heard – Sceneries Not Songs, Orange – Le Couleur
Label: Claremont 56/Leng, Finders Keepers, International Feel, Bubble Club, … or Fascinating Rhythms if I’m allowed?
Book: Tim Lawrence – Hold Onto Your Dreams, Peter Mayne – A Year In Marrakesh, Ian MacDonald – Revolution in The Head, Stephen Fry – Moab Is My Washpot (again), Julian Cope – Head On (again)
DJ: Graeme Fisher was superb at the Acid Tree, Idjut Boys and Prins Thomas have both made me feel like putting ‘L’ plates on my record bag recently.
TV Program: I’ve become addicted to watching re-runs of an American series called Gilmore Girls, which I missed at the time and which finished in 2007. My American friends think I probably need help. Sparks appear in an episode! The new Doctor Who has been much better than I thought it would. Mary Queen Of Shops.
Spotify: Jolyon and Aficionado

Favourite Release Of The Year So Far: Four Tet ‘There Is Love In You’
Best Film: Ponyo
Best Rediscovery In Your Record Collection: ‘Rastakrsutpasta’ by Moebius And Plank
Label: Warp
Book: It Was The War Of The Trenches by Jacques Tardi
DJ: Jarvis Cocker on 6music
TV Program: New Series of Futurama

Release of the year: 12″: Coma Cat – Tensnake. Keeping the house flame alive.
Album: Peace and Love LP, Dadawah (Honest Jons). Hypnotic, almost psychedelic, nyabinghi-led roots re-release.
Film: Exit Through the Gift Shop – Interesting look at the street art world told through the eyes of the chancer Mr Brainwash who’s on a mission to find Banksy.
Re-discovery: My Ever Changing Moods (album version) – Style Council. Dug this out from the recesses of the collection last month. Beautiful stripped down version with Weller’s vocal over Mick’s piano.
Label: Cap Calcini – re-releasing a vast array of reggae nuggets on nicely coloured 7″s from the vaults of Duke Reid, Treasure Isle, Tappa Zukie, Niney the Observer, Keith Hudson etc.
Book: The Russia House – Martin Amis. The master of description.
DJ: Moonboots and Mark 7 are consistently excellent for mixes. Best live thing was Solution Soundsystem at Glastonbury – chanced upon them whilst meandering through the Shangri-La madness on Sunday night. Wicked selector running the versions with two deejays toasting over top, reinforced by live horn section
TV Programme: I have to admit to a weakness for Lost although I was cured of it by the appalling schmaltzy ending
Spotify Playlists: You can’t access it in Jamaica unfortunately so I muddle through with internet radio. Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide, Dub Xtra and MyHouseYourHouse get a regular rinsing

Claremont 56 LogoFavourite Release Of The Year So Far: Begin – Velocity, CDR promo
Best Film: Un Prophete
Best Rediscovery In Your Record Collection: Marc Moulin/Placebo – Humpty Dumpty
Label: Claremont 56
Book: Masahisa Fukase – Ravens
DJ: Lexx
TV Program: Sopranos (Never seen this before, just borrowed the box sets!)
Spotify: Jolyon and Aficionado

Favourite Release Of The Year So Far: Parlour 2 / Robert Wyatt ‘His Greatest Misses’
Best Film: Kick Arse
Best Rediscovery In Your Record Collection: Joni Mitchell ‘Coyote’
Label: Claremont, R&S (looking good for this year) and Island Records (always)
Book: ‘Futuretainment’ by Mike Walsh or David Ogilvy ‘Confessions of an Advertising Man’
DJ: Hard to pick from our lot but the one I danced to was Mancuso.
TV Program: Great British Menu.
Spotify Playlist: Leggattism by Rob Leggatt

Favourite Release Of The Year So Far: Dj Nature – Destiny Reprise (Golf Channel)
Best Film: Soul Kitchen
Best Rediscovery In Your Record Collection: Betty Wright – Got It Right (Moxie Edit) and Michael Franks – St. Elmo’s Fire
Label: Parlour Recordings
Book: The Crosby, Stills & Nash Biography
DJ: –
TV Program: I only watch DVD’s except for the news every not and then.
Spotify Playlist: Unfortunately not yet available in Switzerland!


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