Underground Resistance Special On WDET (Detroit) With Mike Banks Interview

July 28, 2010

Our Giacomo is a mysterious chap. He rarely surfaces but when he does it’s with the best in techno. He’s back, and with some underground goodies…

WDET broadcasts out of Wayne State University. Billing itself as ‘Detroit Public Radio’, the station has been around in one form or another since 1949, when it was set up by the United Auto Workers Union.

Back in 2004, Underground Resistance had been around for about 15 years. As part of a monthly segment called ‘Electronic Focus,’ WDET’s Liz Copeland and guest presenter Clark Warner broadcast a UR special, complete with a lengthy and interesting interview with Mike Banks.

Mike talks about the history of UR, the role of Ron Murphy, meeting Kraftwerk, a Swiss dynamite factory, misperceptions of ‘the Ghetto’ and so on. If you’re into techno, or merely want to get some mid-noughties Detroit slang to work into everyday speech, it’s well worth a listening. There’s also, obviously, some great music. Current favourite with us is the X-102 tune. A bit more on X-102 from Jeff…

Rico Passerani uploaded the interview, which we came across via Technopodcast.com

Here’s the tracklist:

Underground Resistance – Elimination
Underground Resistance – Riot
Mad Mike – Death Star
Underground Resistance – The Theory
Nation 2 Nation – 303 Sunset
Underground Resistance – The Punisher
Mad Mike – Jupiter Jazz
X-102 – OBX-A
Underground Resistance – Metamorphosis
Red Planet – Stardancer
Underground Resistance – Hi Tech Jazz
Underground Resistance – Acid Africa (Roots Electric Mix)
Drexciya – Wavejumper
Chaos – Afrogermanic
Kraftwerk – Expo2000 (Underground Resistance Remix)
Underground Resistance – Electronic Warfare
DJ Rolando – Knights of the Jaguar
The Suburban Knight – Marooned
Timeline – Time Sensitive
Underground Resistance – UR-046
Aquanauts – Spawn (Genetic Continuation Mix)
Andre Holland – Vector Research
Underground Resistance – A Thousand Questions
Gigi Galaxy – One Step Beyond
Underground Resistance – Inspiration
M.I.A. – All I See
The Suburban Knight – Nocturbolus
Underground Resistance – A Moment in Time
Underground Resistance – Black Strategy (DJ Dex Edit)

zShare Download

Warning: The file is just over 200MB so may take a minute. Well worth it though. x.


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