Labels 005: Lugnet

August 4, 2010

We were on our travels in Gothenburg recently and ran into Emil Broome from the Malmö-based Lugnet label. If you like the cosmic end of the Scandinavian balearic sound then check their releases out below (well, our edited streams of them). The first two releases are edits made by Tiaz and the third one is an original 12″ produced by VED. If you want to get hold of them we suggest you go direct to Lugnet.

We’ll get a mix from Emil at some point but until then check the interview and mix at Cosmic Disco. Finally, we should also mention the chaps at Lugnet are also part of a collective in Malmö called Prejka, who run a rather nice blog.

Rå Energi / Lokomotiv / Sommarstorm

Tralla / Bitterljuv / Tidsbrist / Flåjd

Sture / Din Egen Spegelbild /The Anointed Word (Tiaz Remix)

Lugnet on MySpace


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