Arthur Jeffes & Penguin Cafe: BBC3 Prom

September 13, 2010

If you like the original Ibizan balearic sound there is a fair chance you have moved through DJ Alfredo’s record box to Jose Padilla’s Cafe Del Mar sound and along the way been introduced to ‘Music For A Found Harmonium’ by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, a dream pulled to life by Simon Jeffes, were a band that created pieces that moved from avant-garde to hugely melodic – the idea being to take classical music to the masses and seemingly to have a nice time along the way. My mum likes them, my sister likes them and their albums seem to suit all occasions from early morning to late at night. Simon Jeffes passed away over a decade ago (the anniversary concert at the Union Chapel was suitably special) and his son Arthur now continues the sound with Penguin Cafe which includes a host of new players and some new music, whilst also playing original pieces by the PCO. Here’s Jeffes junior and friends at the BBC prom.

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This is a little bit more illegal than normal for us so if you’ve a problem with us posting this please let us know and we’ll pull it down – Ed


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