Review: Coati Mundi – Dancing For The Cabana Code In The Land Of Boo-Hoo

September 20, 2010

I am guessing if you are reading this you know who Coati Mundi, a.k.a Andy Hernandez, is. Not only the comedy sidekick to the great Kid Creole but also a Latin disco star in his own right with records of the calibre of his cult-classic ‘Que Pasa/Me No Pop I’ for ZE Records. For a man three decades into his career he’s done totally the right thing and hooked up with NYC’s Rong Music crew who knew how to have fun with him in the current setting.

The album has been produced by E-Love with additional bits and pieces by Lee Douglas (who has recently been creating some great music as well as the above sleeve) and ranges from slow rolling Latin grooves through to clean electronic disco beats all topped with Mundi’s tales of life on top. It’s an entertaining ride as an album and it sounds like it was a good time in the studio. It’s also good to see a real character within those disco grooves. Check it.

Dancing For The Cabana Code In The Land Of Boo-Hoo is released on Rong Music on October 14th

Coati Mundi At Rong Music Online


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