Mix: Golf Channel Resident Advisor Mix / New Gala Drop E.P (Golf Channel)

November 12, 2010

Got sent a lovely package of bits from Phil Golf Channel the other day which contained the new Gala Drop E.P. I must admit I don’t know much about these chaps (I think they are from Portugal) but it’s great in a modern electronic trippy disco sort of fashion and sounds more like a band than a studio project. I’ll ask Golf Channel for more information but until then you can click onto Phonica’s website and check the E.P yourself.

While chatting to Golf Channel they asked if we’d back up the Resident Advisor mix as they don’t stay up forever so here it is. It is the same mix so don’t download it if you already have it from the RA site.

Spike: The Golden Eye
Gala Drop: Overcoat Heat
Ghost Note: Kapwa
Dominik Von Sender: No Name 2009
DJ Nature: Feeling Like a Woman
DJ Nature: It’s Over
DJ Nature: This Side of Heaven
DJ Nature: Everyone
Gala Drop: Izod
Ghost Note: Holy Jungle
Try To Find Me: Get to My Baby (TBD Extension)
Try To Find Me: Make Dance
Sexican: Liza Version In C#5
Justin Vandervolgen: Clapping Song
Ghost Note: Albularyo
Try To Find Me: Hey Love
Justin Vandervolgen: Sheebooyah
M.E.: R+B Drunkie
DJ Nature: Destiny Reprise
Spike: E.S. Rever
Spike: Fooling Around
Spike: Goodnight

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