New Release: Games ‘That We Can Play’

November 20, 2010

This is our 500th post. Wallop! Anyway, have to say thanks to Emma Warren (check her show on NME Radio if you haven’t already) for turning me on to this one – the new project of Dan ‘Oneohtrix Point Never’ Lopatin and Joel ‘Tiger City’ Ford under the name Games. Dummy Mag called it synth rock but to us this track is the best balearic pop song we have heard in ages (though perhaps accidentally so as I am guessing neither of them has a clue who Alfredo is let alone William Pitt).

Their first 7″, ‘Everything Is Working’, released a month or so ago, is also worth checking if you are feeling this, though its more on a cut-up mellow hip hop synthy tip (yeah I know that sounds terrible but if I throw in enough descriptors perhaps you’ll get the idea).

Anyway, here’s an excerpt from Games’ ‘Strawberry Skies’ – worth buying the EP for alone and you might find some other stuff that you like on it.

Games: Strawberry Skies (Excerpt)

The Games EP ‘That We Can Play’ is out on vinyl this Monday 20th November 2010 on Hippos In Tanks. It’s out on digital already if you just want this track.



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