New Release: Hercules & Love Affair ‘Blue Songs’

January 13, 2011

Just got sent the new Hercules and Love Affair album and it’s a good one. Loads of future disco and a few slow-mo balearic disco moments for the heads. It seems to reference that Trax sound in places but manages to avoid becoming a pastiche. The only part of the album I’m not so fond of is the cover of Sterling Void’s ‘It’s Alright’ – mainly as I am not a fan of those take a cover and slow it down from the overkill adverts.

Tracks I’d particularly check are ‘Blue Song’, a lovely slow melodic number with African percussion, a sweet vocal and a lovely clarinet accompaniment, ‘Boy Blue’ a beat-less acoustic excursion which is calling out for a spacey disco remix and ‘Leonara’ which comes with a bass-line reminiscent of Nu-Shooz ‘I Can’t Wait’.

It’s an enjoyable ride.

‘Blue Songs’ is out in January (I think) on Moshi Moshi.



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