Radio: The Balearicist’s Guide To The Revolution (What Is Balearic?)

January 30, 2011

This seemed to be the perfect post to follow the Amnesia videos. We spoke to Alasdair McGregor, one of the producers behind the documentary, who along with Mark Jackson (ex-Eastern Bloc) made this around ten years ago with various people discussing this history of balearic, what it means and what it’s all about.

The voices you hear in no particular order are Fred Deakin, Alfredo, Sally & Steve from A Man Called Adam, Chris Coco, Martin Brew, Pino from Madrid, Nancy Noise, Lenny Ibizarre, Morgan Geist, Lucinda Mason Brown, Rob Da Bank, Moonboots, Txema from Ses Salines, Phil Mison, Pathaan, Hugh Bryder, Balearic Mike, Justin Robertson, Oscar from Trax, Trevor Fung, Emily Nightingale and Nicky Holloway. Quite an extensive list.

49 CDR copies were made which, laid out together, made up one big hand drawn picture by the artist Gill Rocca. They started it in 2001 and it was finished sometime in 2004. Alasdair tells us it has never been broadcast anywhere, and was just made for the hell of it really with the goal to find out the answer to that elusive question – What is Balearic?

The guys are currently working on a part 2, a sort of ‘What’s Not Balearic?’, of which they’ve already recorded interviews with David Mancuso, Cosmo, Soft Rocks, Leo Elstob, Jolyon Green, Sean P, Jeremy Gilbert, The Idjut Boys, Euan Pearson, Rune Linbaek, Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Greg Wilson and Kenneth Bager with another 10 or so to get, so it may be a while coming.

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Thanks to Alasdair and Mark. And Mike for the previous information.



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