Party: Golf Channel And LN-CC Present…

February 9, 2011

This is a good one for anyone in London. On February 17th LN-CC welcome label owner Phil South and Ghost Note’s Anton Esteban for an evening of music in LN-CC’s club space to celebrate the launch of Ghost Note’s latest release, “Ghost Note II – Kapwa/Abularyo”. From 7-9pm, will be screening a short video made to accompany the Ghost Note release.

In addition to the screening, LN-CC will be selling advance copies of the latest single exclusively in store. From 9pm onwards, Phil and Anton, the duo behind New York’s celebrated “No Ordinary Monkey” party (alongside Carlos from influential label “Whatever We Want”), will both DJ in the LN-CC club space.

If you are in London and would like to attend this event, please RSVP here.

While we are all Golf Channel’d up it’s probably a good time to remind you about Bad Passion… You know the deal. Go here for more details on the party.



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