New Release: Marco Passarani ‘White Dwarf/Black Dwarf/Colliding Stars’ (Running Back)

February 28, 2011

We just got sent the new Running Back and thought it best to contact head honcho Gerd Janson for the lowdown. Here’s what he said…

“Hello Paul,

Out now!

BASSarani in your face – again! Here’s part two of the ongoing Roma meets Running Back saga. Conveniently appearing in a white inner sleeve (slip it into the retro-futuristic telescopic picture sleeve that you hopefully already have), the Final Frontier/Pigna/Nature captain steers his ship into a safe harbour. Three tracks of hardcore space music and magic carpet melodies: “White Dwarf” appears as the final link between Frankfurt Trance and Tribal House, “Black Dwarf” is its beat-heavy brother (For DJ Use Only!) and finally we come full circle with “Colliding Stars Pt. 2”. Science ain’t no fiction.”

It’s a good one. Nice artwork again Running Back people.

Marco Passarani: White Dwarf (Excerpt)

Marco Passarani: Black Dwarf (Excerpt)

Marco Passarani: Colliding Stars (Excerpt)



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