New Release: Todd Terje – Ragysh

March 22, 2011

More new music for you. From bonkers drum tracks to full on syncopated disco and a lovely beatless version excursion this one has it all. If we had a value for money rating Terje would get a hearty 9/10. Running Back now have a tumblr by the way so take a look here if you haven’t seen it yet. Anyway, back to the tracks. I always like the way Gerd of Running Back describes his music so here we go…

“Touched by the hand of Todd…Drumroll, please…New 12-Inch with original productions since…Ragysh, Bonysh and Snooze 4 Love…First edition comes in super nice recycling sleeves, second edition in not so nice sleeves… Trans dance from the Norwegian Chief inspector that is Todd Terje…Greatysh hypnotism, properysh beats and a lovelysh Terjerine dream to round it all off…Vinyl contains some hidden tracks and extra elements… Cannot stop listening to it… …Touched by the hand of Todd…”

Todd Terje: Ragysh (Excerpt)

Todd Terje: Snooze 4 Love (Excerpt)

Todd Terje: Bonysh (Excerpt)

Todd Terje: Snooze 4 Love (Version) (Excerpt)



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