Free Download – Mark Seven’s ‘Salute 2 – Reach Out and Touch Your Dream’

April 4, 2011

As many of you know, Stockholm DJ Mark Seven’s mix “Salute 2 – Reach Out and Touch Your Dream” was released earlier this year in collaboration the LN-CC crew. Everyone loved it (disc three is flipping amazing) and Mark has agreed to make the mix publicly available via a free download, which can be obtained here. Get it. It’s got ‘Friends’ on it by Ami Stewart which is always good.

In other LN-CC news, the chaps have just received a batch of Japanese import mix CD’s from a selection of Tokyo’s finest underground labels. Titles include the Japan-only Prins Thomas mix CD “Cosmanova IV”, a selection of releases from Cos/mes’s mix CD Label Sound More (more from them on Test Pressing in future times) and four titles from Chee Shimizu’s “Bedroom Archives” imprint. Genre-wise the spread is wide – ranging from house, electro right through to spiritual jazz and acid folk (ggod genre). Click here for more information. You know it makes sense.



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