New Release: Almunia Album (Claremont 56)

April 11, 2011

Woke up early with the sun still out from the weekend and put on the new Alumnia album that Paul Mudd had sent over and I’m happy to say it’s a good one. Perfect for late moons and early mornings. For me the album really warms up in the second half as more vocals appear and the tracks almost take on a Durutti Column / Michael Head (Shack/The Strands) sort of atmosphere. I heard it totally different to the press release which only says good things about the album. It stands on its own feet, is full of melodies and I’d love to see them make a pop album next time with pure songs and melody as they’d pull it off easily. Great album.

Alumnia / Kissing Time (Excerpt)

Alumnia / Moving Up (Excerpt)

Alumnia / Travel (Excerpt)

Alumnia / Until She Comes (Excerpt)

The album is released on May 23 with a limited run of 300 gatefold vinyl copies.



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