New Release: Torn Sail / Birds (Featuring Tiago Remix) (Claremont 56)

April 26, 2011

This one is my favourite Claremont release for some time. I love Crosby Stills & Nash to pieces so the A side ticks the boxes for me with its hippy Laurel Canyon vibes. It’s a lovely song and total grower. With more like this we could have our own balearic Fleet Foxes. On the B side Tiago comes with a twisted fucked up ten minute version excursion taking in kraut and balearic vibes along the way but in a truly modern style. It’s a fine piece of work and I’d love to hear him produce the whole album bringing it in somewhere between his remix and the original. It’s amazing and Tiago if you read this do us a mix of stuff that influenced this as I’d like to hear it right now. It’s a fantastic release for Claremont and ones that show its not all about acoustic guitars in their part of London town. Fine work Mudd. Buy it.

Torn Sail / Birds (Excerpt)

Torn Sail / Birds (Tiago Remix) (Excerpt)

‘Birds’ is out May the 4th on Claremont 56.



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