Review: DJ Harvey Presents Locussolus / Locussolus

May 18, 2011

I woke up far too early so I thought I’d try and get through this growing pile of releases that I promised to review. As I’ve said I’m not a journalist so I won’t try to be this Harvey album has had the whole – what is it called??? nu-disco? balearic? – let’s settle for disco at this hour… Anyway, it’s had the whole disco crew with money in hand. The 12’s released to date have been ‘Gunship’/’Little Boots’, ‘Tan Sedan’/’Throwdown’ and ‘I Want It’/’Next To You’.

The CD has the following tracklisting according to the press release:

1. Gunship
2. Little Boots
3. Gunship (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
4. I Want It
5. Throwdown
6. Bloodbath
7. Tan Sedan
8. Next To You
9. I Want It (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)
10. Throwdown (Harvey’s Dub)
11. Little Boots (An Emperor Machine Special Edit Version)

So in essence this is a collection of the 12’s with additional versions from the massively good Emperor Machine (their version of ‘Little Boots’ being the perfect track to go out on), Weatherall, Harvey himself, and a new track in the form of ‘Bloodbath’ which I don’t think has been out before. I have to hold my hands up here and say I might have that massively wrong as it’s early but I think I’m right. Anyway, ‘Bloodbath’ is good. It’s a slow burner with a dubbed out guitar riff and fat synths that rolls along. Think soundtrack to a good f&cked up psyche movie. One of my favourite versions on the album is Harvey’s own dub of ‘Throwdown’. He drops the vocal and twists it all up dubbing it out and playing with the drums. According to the press release there will also be a hand stamped, Harvey designed white label (how do you design a white label?) of the alternate vocal Weatherall Remix of ‘Thickums’ and ‘Bloodbath’.

What can I say, you all know what this is all about. He takes disco in its various forms, sends it sideways through the f&ck machine and brings it our the other side via an Echoplex. And it works. It’s a good album. And one I hope that will take this music as a sound out to a wider audience as it got legs. I could imagine it sitting happily on Ze if it was still going which is high praise.

DJ Harvey Presents Locussolus / Locussolus is released on 13th June on International Feel.



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