Producers Series #13: Martin Rushent

June 7, 2011

It seemed fitting for us to run Martin Rushent next in the Producers Series due to his untimely passing this week. For a lot of people he opened the door to electronic music by taking synths to Top Of The Pops and beyond, and was, in many eyes an out and out genius. Play loud.

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Thanks to the good Doctor Rob and Tim H for compiling.



4 Responses to “Producers Series #13: Martin Rushent”

  1. […] A great British pop producer….RIP.. a link to some of his work here […]

  2. MZ Says:

    Hi. Are you sure Rushent produced Frequency 7? I thought it was Visage using Rushent’s studio. Happy to be proved wrong

  3. Taylor Says:

    Yeah Frequency 7 was produced by Midge Ure and Visage. It was recorded at Rushent’s home only.

  4. Apiento Says:

    Yeah we knew it was tenuous to say the least but as it was his house we thought it fair to drop in.

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