Terry Thomas In Ibiza 1981. Well balearic.



Someone wrote in asking for information on the Gala Drop mix we featured not long ago and I have all the information for you but I can’t find your email. Nelson from the band has sent me a lovely email with all the information you need. Shout if it was you and I’ll pass it on. Cheers!



Faith’s New Website…

March 4, 2011

Our friends at Faith have just got their new site up and it’s looking very tidy with easy access to articles and the forum all topped off with nice design.

Check it here.


Someone told me this worked so I thought I’d try it out. I tried it on a bit of a good record, Prince’s ‘Black’ album, but luckily it seemed to work. Anyway, take one crackly record and a pot of Copydex and off you go…

Step 1: Open Copydex, remember smell of youth and dead fish and paste liberally onto the record.

Step 2: Cover the whole record with glue.

Step 3: Let the glue dry until clear. This takes a while so go to work or something.

Step 4: The fun bit – start peeling off the glue.

Step 5: Pull it all off.

Et voila. I was chatting with the editor of Mojo not long back and they had never heard of this over there but I reckon it works. It pretty much cleaned this one up getting rid of the majority of the pops and crackles. Good to see Copydex has uses other than pasting it on your hand and freaking out your mum/girlfriend/child when you pull your skin off in front of them. In short, one to put on the ‘try when I’m bored list’.


I was wondering the other day if Moshi Moshi are the most balearic indy label out there. When I say indy I don’t mean indy in a ‘no support from the majors’ kind of way as that would take in Claremont and Golf Channel (amongst others); I mean indy as in cute girls with fringes wearing badges on their cardigans to weekenders in Camber Sands and boys in duffle coats (though they are probably all wearing Vans these days). I have to hold my hands up there and admit that my definition of indy is stuck in 1994 but there we go. I prefer it there than to the 2011 version.

Point is, I have been getting sent more and more Moshi Moshi stuff and they seem to be releasing a massively broad section of music and a lot of it falls into our court. They are also putting out the new Hercules & Love Affair album and Stephen Bass (A&R/part-owner) has a massive love of Oni Ayhun but for me these three tracks show they are a label doing the right things, much of it with a tropical balearic world feel.

Case 1 – Nguuni Lovers Lovers: Cheza Ngoma (Excerpt)
This one is from one of the new Moshi Moshi labels, Dream Beach, which is being run by a chap called Ed Frankel. Hope to find out more on this as we go.

Case 2 – Metronomy: Everything Goes My Way (Excerpt)
This one is taken from the new Metronomy album titled ‘The English Riviera’. Much of it is flipping great in an XTC sunshine way. Moshi Moshi manage these guys and make them wear their Christopher Cross love with pride.

Case 3 – Au Revoir Simone: Tell Me (Villa Nah Remix)
This one I totally slept on last year but every time it comes on in the studio I am now working in it makes me smile. A great pop record with that drum machine on it that always sounds brilliant. One to put on the shopping list if, like me, you missed it.


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