Some people love him some, people just don’t get it, but personally I think Prince is a genius. From proto-disco, influenced by the like of Laidback’s ‘White Horse’, to ‘Erotic City’ and the balearic beat of ‘Alphabet Street’, he’s had an influence on the dancefloor for many years. To go along with this article from Nick Kent in The Face from September 1988, I have uploaded the One Day Later Prince-productions-only mix from 2007 and couple of unreleased tracks, ‘Do Yourself A Favour’ and ‘Purple Music’, which show how good the music that remains unreleased is. Damn.

Prince: Do Yourself A Favour (Unreleased)

Prince: Purple Music (Unreleased)

Prince The Face Piece
Prince The Face
Prince The Face
Prince The Face
One Day Later Radio Prince Mix
Prince – Wet Dream Cousin (Unreleased)
Prince – Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) (Demo Version)
Prince – Do Yourself A Favour (Unreleased)
Prince – I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
Prince – Purple Music (Unreleased)
Prince – The Line (Unreleased)
Prince – I Would Die 4 U
Prince – Desire (Unreleased)
Prince – Strange Way Of Saying I Love U (Unreleased)
Prince – Do It All Night
Prince – Fury
Sheila E – The Glamorous Life
Prince – Around The World In A Day
Prince – Uptown
Prince – When Doves Cry
Prince – Climax (Unreleased)
Prince – Erotic City
Prince – Irresistable Bitch
Prince – Irresistable Bitch (Demo Version)
Prince – I Feel For You
Chaka Khan – I Feel For You
Prince – Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad
Prince – Extra Lovable (Unreleased)
Prince – Controversy
Prince – Lady Cab Driver
Prince – Little Red Corvette
Prince – Raspberry Beret
Prince – Take Me With U
Prince – 1999
Prince – Possessed (Unreleased)
Apollonia 6 – Sex Shooter
Prince – Sex Shooter (Demo Version)
Prince – Feel U Up (Demo Version)
Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover
Prince – Housequake
Vanity 6 – Nasty Girl
Prince – Head
Prince – Soft and Wet
Prince – Jerk Out (Demo Version)
Prince – G-Spot (Unreleased)
Sheila E – A Love Bizarre
Prince – Kiss
Prince – Kiss (Acoustic Demo)
Prince – Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me (Unreleased)
Prince – Money Don’t Matter 2 Night
Prince – Crazy You
Prince – The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker
Prince – Baby Go-Go (Unreleased)
Prince – Sign O’ The Times
Prince – Let’s Go Crazy
Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend
Prince – I Miss You (Unreleased)
Prince – Purple Rain

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Here’s a mix I did for my good friends at Joux Joux Le Shoe who have just launched a new ladies shoe company based around the motto of ‘shoes for girls that don’t go home’. The mix is for the morning after the night before and goes from the obvious to the unknown and includes a lovely unreleased track from Phil Mison under his Cantoma guise. Anyway, if you need a present for your good wife have a look at their site as it’s all about to go for Joux Joux.

When Saints Go Machine: Pick Up Your Tears And Run
The King Kong Cast: Kwela Kong
Happy End: Kaze Wo Atsumete
Rainstick Orchestra: Waltz For A Little Bird
Stereolab: Les Aimies Des Memes
ESG: New Day
Crosby, Stills & Nash: In My Dreams
Midlake: Bandits
Kenny Rankin: People Get Ready
Rachel Sweet: It’s So Different Here (Lexx Edit)
TV On The Radio: Ambulance
Robin Guthrie: Sparkle
Rainstick Orchestra: Electric Counterpoint Fast
Moondog: Chaconne In G Major
Cantoma: Untitled
Robin Guthrie: Mission Dolores

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David Sylvian Veil Dub
I’m never quite sure about David Sylvian. Some of his music is sublime, but he has a tendency to take himself a bit too seriously, and sometimes his music gets a bit too over-thought and safe as a result. His first couple of solo LP’s are terrific though. ‘Taking The Veil’ is from the second. Apiento and I reworked it, stripping out most of the vocals and emphasising the rhythm section. I think it turned out pretty well.

David Sylvian – Veil (TIm H & Apiento Dub Version)

[Tim Hayter]

Just picked this album up from Rough Trade on the weekend. I loved Robin Guthrie’s ‘Continental’ album, and ‘Carousel’ is very much in the same mode. Atmospheric, dreamlike and basically a Cocteau’s album with no Liz Frasier. Quality stuff.
Robin Guthrie 'Carousel'
Robin Guthrie: Sparkle
‘Carousel’ is out now on Rocket Girl records.

I am happy to welcome Jan Hammered to Test Pressing as his Dragonfly mix has been a favourite for some time now. Jan is one of the most exciting new DJs on the scene with his recent Airport Airport mix going down as something of an underground classic. This mix dates from September 2004 and was inspired by all the sounds inspiring Jan at the time – from cosmic tapes, to the schooling of Balearic Mike and Moonboots. A new mix will follow soon.

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Just Because: 001

October 22, 2009

Long live Flowered Up. Read Robin from Heavenly’s spot-on Guardian piece here on the passing of Liam Maher, singer with the band. For all our European cousins, Weekender is perhaps the best film on acid house bar director Wiz’s Boy’s Own ‘E’ film. Watch Part One here and Part Two here. Top boys.
Liam Maher Flowered Up
Image pinched from a thread on DJ History. Ta Mikuni.

YouTube: Look De Ibiza

October 20, 2009

This is a Ku promotional video from 1985 that is one of the finest films of Ibiza you will ever see. Unfortunately whoever uploaded the video has put a, perhaps inappropriate shall we say, soundtrack to the film. My advice would be to click on one of the Phil Mison within Test Pressing mixes and watch away.

Here’s Part 2 with the correct music. I’ll try and upload the correct first half at some point. Check the soundtrack though from Double to the sound of new beat and The Art Of Noise. Perfect.


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