Tour: Cos/Mes

June 28, 2011

We stopped posting flyers as a while back as it was all getting a bit Time Out around here but anyone that can be bothered to fly from Japan to play great chuggy balearic records gets our vote so we thought we’d post these flyers for Cos/Mes visiting our shores. Get high and go listen.



This one is a nice find courtesy of Milo of the Wild Bunch, the flyer for the party of the mix that we posted ages ago on Test Pressing here. If you’ve not heard it check it as it is an amazing session and they were rarely captured on tape. “If you ain’t dancing get off the floor…”

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You have to say this was a good one…

[Dr Rob]

Party: Aficionado

February 8, 2011

Quick heads up on the the first Aficionado of 2011 on Sunday February the 13th which sees Chris Duckenfield join residents Moonboots and Jason Boardman to play the best in across the board music with a balearic tilt. It’s at the Electrik Bar in Chorlton, Manchester and runs from 7pm to midnight. Best in town.


Credit: Richard McGuire


Another good couple of nights on the cards along with Claremont’s Tiago party… Golf Channel and No Ordinary Monkey’s Phil and Anton over from NYC playing for the always up for it Bad Passion and Cutloose crowds. Go here for more details on Bad Passion and here for info on Cutloose (also check out their ridiculous collection of mixes while you are there).


All a bit Weatherall-centric round here recently but anyway, I think this one is getting near to selling out so if you are interested click through to the Ransome Note and get involved…


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