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Thomas Leer: International

Found this one in a little shop in Chichester and it just ‘looked’ good. Made in ’84 it sounds perfect for now and has been the morning record in my house for a while. On the surface it seems quite pleasant but the song is basically about trafficking heroin (‘traveling across the world, selling it to boys and girls’). Seems like there’s lots of digging to be done into the world of Thomas Leer.

Thomas Leer: International (Global Mix)



Back before Test Pressing got all serious on itself Jolyon Green did one of the first mixes for the site. It’s here if you missed it. We are happy to welcome him back with a new mix for us which starts with the Durutti Column (as Jolyon says ‘never has a Manc accent sounded so balearic’) and goes from there.

Jolyon Green – The Return Of The Secret Garden
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African Head Charge 'Throw It All Away'

This is from the ‘Off The Beaten Track’ LP. Not only does it have a pile-driving groove, but the mix (by Adrian Sherwood) is phenomenal – everything is constantly shifting and shimmering as he drops the various elements in and out. One of many highlights from the On-U catalogue.

African Head Charge: Throw It All Away

[Tim Hayter]

Time Out Ibiza Piece Ecstasy Isle

Thanks to Tony Pointer.



Jorge Ben,

This is one of the first Brazilian records I ever bought, and its still my favourite, nearly twenty years later. The credits on the back of the sleeve read like half a Brazilian football team – Joaozinho, Wagner, Dadi, Bidu, Gil, and Jorge. The flute arrangements are by the great Artur Verocai. A very special record.

Jorge Ben: Minha Estrella E Do Oriente

[Tim Hayter]

September ’86 saw Sheryl Garratt visiting Chicago to cover the emerging house scene. It’s perhaps the best piece on ‘house’ written to date (and that’s without even mentioning Neville Brody’s design). We will be speaking to Sheryl in the near future about her life in clubs.

“Ron mixes “Go bang” by Dinosaur L into a treated tape of Aretha singing “Respect”, the Willie Colon and Denise Laselle acapella leads – unbelievably – into Sade singing “Maureen” without the advanced aerobics on the dancefloor ever slackening…”


House 86 - The Face
House 2
House 3
House 4
House 5
House 6


Time Out: Shoom Piece

July 21, 2009

Time Out Shoom Piece
Time Out Shoom 2
Time Out Shoom 3
Thanks to Phil.


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