This is a video from the first organised hip hop event in the UK. The graffiti side was represented by the Chrome Angelz. Rock City, London All-Stars, Live To Break, Look Twice, The B-Boys, Breakazoids and others were on the b-boy tip and Imperial Mixers were providing the music.

Thanks to Nick Dart.



This is an experimental documentary produced by Henry Chalfont, the man behind the most stolen book in the history of UK publishing, about the early days of hip-hop in the South Bronx. Word.

Thanks to Dartos.


Found these via DJ History and the Go Bang Brighton website (thanks!). As it says under the videos on YouTube, “This is a copy of a dusty old video from 1989. It was filmed in the UK, the film is from a Soul Weekender in Prestatyn (Wales). This is a unique video that shows how the format of the Soul weekender changed forever … in the UK.

Although this was billed as a Soul Weekender, in truth it ended up featuring some of the biggest names in acid house music. Pete Tong went onto become the dance music master at R1, Oakey became a global DJ superstar, Gilles Peterson went onto R1 and Nicky Holloway went onto create the massive London house music clubs Sin/Trip etc … and the rest of us “got on one matey” …”

It’s great the soul crew liked a video camera so much as some of this is pretty priceless.


Sweet video from the Electric Elephant peoples for their forthcoming festival in the summer. Special props for using ‘Like A Ship’ by Pastor T.L. Barrett.

Thanks to Moonboots for the heads up.


Anyone who has been reading Test Pressing for a while knows how much we love the work of Island Records. This piece comes from The Face in April ’84 and is about Jean Baptiste Mondino’s debut release for Island Records. Mondino, as most of you know, is the guy behind those iconic Grace Jones sleeves. I love that story about how when Badarou and all those guys turned up to Compass Point to make those early Grace Jones records that Chris Blackwell had pinned up the visuals Mondino had already made and said ‘we need the music to sound like that’. Anyway, shame Mondino didn’t make more music as it fits into our world perfectly. Love the video too.


More classic club footage (well the Ku stuff I just posted wasn’t classic just interesting…). This is as classic as ‘house’ gets. Junior Vasquez at his peak!

Thanks to Terry Farley from the Faith crew for getting this up.


This is taken wholesale from a chap called icebaer69 over at the Spotlight Ibiza Forums so thanks to him.

On 26th October 1947 two producers arrived on the steam ship, Ciudad de Mahon, to capture scenes of local life for the news programme, NO-DO, which was shown in cinemas before the main feature film in those days. The ten minute video, entitled Ibiza, Isla Blanca (White Island) has now been posted on YouTube.

The commentary tells of the temperate climate which allows for year-round tourism, far from the problems experienced in this day and age, where the summer season barely lasts four months. It goes on to say that the salt pans formed an important source of income for the islanders, production which exceeded 120,000 tons annually, compared with the 40,000 tons collected this year.

More than 60 years ago almonds and carob beans were harvested and exported, whereas now they are often left to rot on the trees. Special mention was made of the religiousness of the inhabitants, and several scenes were shown depicting people in the clothes of yesteryear and dancing the typical bal pagés.

A wedding in San Miguel is shown, as is Vara de Rey in Ibiza Town, before it was paved, and an anti-aircraft refuge can be seen in the background. It took two weeks to film all over the island, which was then condensed into ten minutes. Those were the days!”


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