It was a sad day when we heard about the passing of the genius that was Gil Scott Heron. The good Dr Rob brings a fitting Test Pressing tribute.

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Gil Scott-Heron: April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011

Gil Scott-Heron: Lady Day & John Coltrane (Flying Dutchman)
Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson & The Midnight Band: The Liberation Song (Arista)
Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson: The Bottle (Live) (Arista)
Gil Scott-Heron & His Amnesia Express: Angel Dust (Live) (Essential)
Gil Scott-Heron: The Klan (Chicken Wings Edit) (Soul In The Hole)
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson: Peace Go With You Brother (Strata-East)
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson: Angola, Louisiana (Arista)
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson: It’s Your World (Soul Brother)
Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX: I’ll Take Care Of You (Young Turks)

If I had to choose only one Gil Scott-Heron track then it would have to be the version of “The Bottle” from the live double LP “It`s Your World”. I picked up my copy, which is only half the album, for 50 pence in The Record And Tape Exchange in Notting Hill in the mid-90s. I now know this to be a David Mancuso “Loft classic”, but I can remember being pretty nervous the first time I played it. Worried about audience reactions to the extended percussion break. Needless worries. For at the point when the song kicks back in the whole place literally jumped. Including those folks at the bar. The whole place lifted several feet. Everyone was higher. One of my fondest DJing memories.

Music so life-affirming, so positive, so inspiring and so heart-felt from an intelligent man clearly troubled by personal demons. A man who struggled his whole life with the very things he was warning against. Like Burroughs, a man who totally understood the tools of control, but still couldn’t help himself. The simple true-ism that “Everybody needs something”, a criticism and a confession, is something I’ll be quoting for as long as I`m still breathing.

When I dug the record out again to put this compilation together, and heard the line “Brother says he’s got to have some money, sister told me all she needs is love”, I was reduced to tears. I guess if you don’t understand, then you might count yourself lucky.

Compiled by Dr Rob, with considerable assistance from Tim H.

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More pictures here.

Thanks to Jules Langley.


Best sleeve notes ever? These are from 1995 and from a London perspective they nail it.

Thanks to Adam Khan.


There was a time in 1987 when we used to roam the streets nicking VW badges from unsuspecting car owners (and teachers though that soon came to an end when our mate got caught with one in his school bag). It was a short lived fad on the streets of suburban Orpington but those Beastie Boys obviously had an impact as it led i-D magazine to do a piece in December ’87 on the history of some of the more prominent logos of the time. Seminal cover of the magazine as well.

Not only named after a brilliant AR Kane record, the A Love From Outer Space night has, by all accounts, been a bit of a success. From talking to one of the chaps involved one night the gist is keep it sub 120BPM. Sounds good to me. Here’s the Hardway Bros mix which was given out at the club on Thursday to celebrate the first birthday.

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Lovely day out today in Soho for me and the child (seen below rocking the New Era) at the Independent Label Market. This one was conceived by our friend Katy from Bang On PR (she’s the one doing the thumbs up at the bottom), and a friend, to celebrate independent record labels. The idea was that the labels themselves took stalls in Soho’s Berwick Street Market (with the odd florist and fish stall placed in between which was great) selling their own music. Labels taking part were Rough Trade, Heavenly, Peace Frog (soon celebrating their 20th anniversary), Moshi Moshi, Domino (who even even had a credit card machine), Mute, R&S, Wall Of Sound, Soul Jazz, Bella Union and XL.

Apparently at 10am the collectors were out in force and this carried on throughout the day. Mute’s stall was one of the best with great cakes, Daniel Miller signing copies of The Normal’s ‘Warm Leatherette’ and a coveted Mute synth (£50 to you guvnor) which one of our mates picked up. It was great to be able to buy a record from XL boss Richard Russell, Daniel Miller of Mute or Jeff Barrett from Heavenly and in general it showed a nice demand for the UK’s independently released music. Fair play to Katy and co for getting it together and fingers crossed it’s on next year.


Phil South, as many of you know, is the head honcho of Golf Channel records, purveyors of modern twisted disco and balearic beats. Actually, talking of balearic beats and Golf Channel they are about to release a new record which is one of the best things I have heard in ages. Must be an old record but the people with the knowledge that I have asked don’t have a clue what it is. Anyway, if you see a new Golf Channel in the shops in the next week or so check it as it’s a killer. So here’s a mix from Phil live at Electric Elephant last year. Enjoy.

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