Apiento 01:12

It seemed like there wasn’t a place to capture those Spotify playlists floating about so I thought I’d get a few together. You know what to do. Copy the link in your browser and off you go. It’s the modern C90.

Update: Just added a couple of lovely playlists from Manchester’s Jason Boardman – one of Aficionado favourites and also an Electric Elephant 2009 playlist. Better get the free music while you can as apparently Spotify are looking for a cash injection of up to £30M.

Jason Boardman’s Aficionado Classics

Jason Boardman’s Electric Elephant 2009 Playlist

Apiento playlist 01:12 (tracklisting above)

DJ History Balearic 25 & More

Wonderfulsound Libraries Spotify Playlist – The Harbour Mystery

Start of a Compass Point and related playlist…

Ripped In Glasgow Influences Playlist

Tim Hayter’s early disco playlist

Balearic beats from Jolyon Green and Moonboots

Low-down funky business courtesy of Rocky of X-Press 2 and Ballistic Brothers fame

Sweet Brasilian sounds courtesy of Russ F over at Brownswood

Send yours in if you feel like getting involved here. More to follow.



John Peel

Quick one. Those righteous Indiefy people have posted Spotify links to all of John Peel’s Festive Fifties over the years. Feels weird writing ‘Festive Fifty’ on a sunny day but there we go. Obviously ’87 – ’92 are the glory years, but they’re all good. Get them here.


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