Keeping the Ku theme moving along this poster dates from 1990 and comes from the Ku Ibiza Best Years Facebook group 1978-1990. Like the way the designer spelled Rocky’s name wrong and also got the classic graffiti emblem the flying eyeball in there. There are some amazing photos and posters in the group if you want to see more.



Our mate Graham Styles took these years ago at the last night of the Shoom. Love the one of Pete Heller with arms aloft. Happy happy.

Thanks to Steven Hall, Graham Styles and Emma Warren (who dumped her mates outside so she could get in on the night).


Photos: Balearic London

June 10, 2010

If you were wondering what the people behind the mixes looked like now you know. All the balearic people were in town last week for a charity special… Nice day chaps.


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Taken from the December 1990 issue when Pure was in full swing at the Milk Bar. Nice bit of product placement from Mr Rampling in the chart there.


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Here’s another great newsletter from the Kiss vaults. Thanks again to Strictly Kev on this one.


Time Out: Shoom Piece

July 21, 2009

Time Out Shoom Piece
Time Out Shoom 2
Time Out Shoom 3
Thanks to Phil.


The Acid Test

June 8, 2009

Great article and good advert on the last page.

House 88 - Danny Rampling

House 88 1 Crop

House 88 - Page 2

House 88 - Page 3

House 88 - Page 4


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