I read the other day that Prince went into Sounds Of The Universe to buy a few DVD’s in his lunch break (true that) and there probably isn’t a better record store in London for him to visit. Nicole from the shop, who served him, said ‘I was a bit shocked. I thought he might be a lookalike and when he came towards me I saw it was Prince. He was very low key, just with another guy. He bought four DVDs, including The Gospel according to Al Green, Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions, and the night James Brown played Boston. They are quite hard to get in London. He didn’t really say much, he just wanted some concert CDs. He was just wearing black, very polite, looked nice, said please and thank you, I was just very pleased to see him.’

See, how sweet is that? Anyway, Soul Jazz, the label of the shop, have a new compilation out called ‘Invasion Of The Mysterons’ which is a collection of version excursions in a modern stylee accompanied by a comic by Paolo Parisi. Its compiled by Stuart from the label and The Bug – both people that know their onions – and you can see the track listing above. All we need now is that Heatwave back again.


I worked for eight years at a house label and still have a lot of love for the genre which is why it is nice to write about two house records on the bounce. Rush Hour are another label after my own heart with their work with Virgo and lets be honest the Dutch got house in a way that not a lot of countries did. Their clubs were always fun to visit and from the late 80s onwards there always a lot of synergy between the Dutch and English scenes. Anyway, we digress. I think this release is a double pack but its basically top notch house with something for everyone. It fits perfectly with the Running Back release below. Again no soundclips am afraid but check it on Phonica or Picadilly. Nice sleeve too.


Just got the new Running Back in and though I haven’t got my logic up so can’t give you any clips I thought I’d just give a quick heads up anyway. First track comes across like Loose Ends doing a house track and the others also have that sheen of quality. Its, as ever with Running Back, across the board goodness with heart and comes recommended. Get them while you can.


I like this one. Worth the entrance fee for the Wire mix of ‘Nosebleed’ alone which has an understated, almost new wave vocal (think perverted Michael Hutchence gone shoomy), alongside a rolling deep electronic disco track. Tidy.

Call Super: And It Was (Excerpt)

Call Super: Nosebleed (Wire Mix) (Excerpt)

The Call Super E.P will be with all good stockists on July the 18th.


Here’s the second one from the Golf Channel package. This one I’ve been looking forward to since I heard it on Phil South’s mix from Electric Elephant as it has officially the most balearic record I have heard in a very long time held upon it. ‘Needs Ending’ is pretty simple and potentially from a really shit record but in this format it’s fucking brilliant. Looped and lopped endlessly with fx kicking in towards the end to round it off, its simple, has a great balearic synthy flute sound and ticks all the boxes for me. The A side has a banger on it to for all the party people. Its cheesy to say but B side wins again.

Try To Find Me Vol.3 / I’m Dancer (Excerpt)

Try To Find Me Vol.3 / Needs Ending (Excerpt)

Thanks Phil South for sending them over.


Always a good day when the postie turns up with two new Golf Channel releases. First up Juju & Jordash with ‘Unleash The Golem’ which is more specifically made up of ‘Chelm Is Burning’ and ‘Chelm Is Dubbing’. Giving you a minute excerpt of these doesn’t really do them justice but its safe to say they are more deep musical journeys for the head and feet with influences coming in from Sakamoto, Can, Mr Fingers, Thelonius Monk, Ornette Coleman and Cabaret Voltaire. They’ve got a website so if you want to know more about the chaps go here.

Juju & Jordash: Chelm Is Burning (Excerpt)

Juju & Jordash: Chelm Is Dubbing (Excerpt)


Quick review of the new Revenge record which I said I’d review weeks ago (sorry Melissa!). I like the Revenge, also known as Graeme Clark, as he takes it out there in a bit more of a ‘Greg Wilson music for the masses’ kind of way. You know… There is no snobbery – just take it to the dancefloor and lets have some fun.

This is released on Dave Lee’s Z Records, someone I also massively admire for his ability to take it to the masses when deep down you know he’d rather be sat at home playing super rare disco records with his mates making bad jokes. Anyway, here’s the tracklisting as my review below won’t help you much with that and if you want an album that everyone can have fun too then get this.

Mid-Air: Ease Out (Revenge Edit)
Johnny Adams: Feel The Beat (Revenge Edit)
Sargeant & Malone: Love Message (Revenge Edit)
Velvet Hammer: Party Down (Revenge Edit)
The Joneses: Summer Groove (Revenge Edit)
Chapter Three: Smurk Trek (Revenge Edit)
Electric Smoke: Freak It Out (Revenge Edit)
Letta Mbulu: Kilimajiro (Revenge Edit)
Vance & Suzanne: I Can’t Get Along Without You (Revenge Edit)
Nel Oliver: Dream On (Revenge Edit)

Reekin’ Structions is in the shops now (I think).


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