New Release / Invasion Of The Mysteron Killer Sounds

August 4, 2011

I read the other day that Prince went into Sounds Of The Universe to buy a few DVD’s in his lunch break (true that) and there probably isn’t a better record store in London for him to visit. Nicole from the shop, who served him, said ‘I was a bit shocked. I thought he might be a lookalike and when he came towards me I saw it was Prince. He was very low key, just with another guy. He bought four DVDs, including The Gospel according to Al Green, Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions, and the night James Brown played Boston. They are quite hard to get in London. He didn’t really say much, he just wanted some concert CDs. He was just wearing black, very polite, looked nice, said please and thank you, I was just very pleased to see him.’

See, how sweet is that? Anyway, Soul Jazz, the label of the shop, have a new compilation out called ‘Invasion Of The Mysterons’ which is a collection of version excursions in a modern stylee accompanied by a comic by Paolo Parisi. Its compiled by Stuart from the label and The Bug – both people that know their onions – and you can see the track listing above. All we need now is that Heatwave back again.


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