I read the other day that Prince went into Sounds Of The Universe to buy a few DVD’s in his lunch break (true that) and there probably isn’t a better record store in London for him to visit. Nicole from the shop, who served him, said ‘I was a bit shocked. I thought he might be a lookalike and when he came towards me I saw it was Prince. He was very low key, just with another guy. He bought four DVDs, including The Gospel according to Al Green, Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions, and the night James Brown played Boston. They are quite hard to get in London. He didn’t really say much, he just wanted some concert CDs. He was just wearing black, very polite, looked nice, said please and thank you, I was just very pleased to see him.’

See, how sweet is that? Anyway, Soul Jazz, the label of the shop, have a new compilation out called ‘Invasion Of The Mysterons’ which is a collection of version excursions in a modern stylee accompanied by a comic by Paolo Parisi. Its compiled by Stuart from the label and The Bug – both people that know their onions – and you can see the track listing above. All we need now is that Heatwave back again.


Bit of an iFeel round up here. So out now (I think) is the second IFeel Studio 12. You know the coup on this one if you are reading this. Its lovely music from across the water. Apparently an album is in the pipeline so we look forward to hearing more on that front.

IFeel Studio / Watching Stars Over The Rubicon Beltway
/ Soundcloud

IFeel Studio / Morgengruss III / Soundcloud

Also in IFeel news, together with Gatto Fritto and his Fritto Morto label, they are working on a joint release and first up is Gonna with a track called ‘ACDise #2’. All four tracks are belters. The main track is a hypnotic one that builds and builds, then there is another version from Swedish techno crew Skudge, a remix from Gatto Fritto himself and finally a lovely ambient track ‘Turn to Light’. It’s out September the 12th.

Finally there is another one of their super limited runs going by the ace name of Adventure Party. It’s fun time on the dancefloor and we love it. Keep your eyes peeled as I think its going to come and go pretty quickly. It’s out on the 22 August – 120 Hand Stamped Whites and then 30 special White Vinyl with lazer etching through LN-CC.

Adventure Party / Soundcloud

Test Pressing information service over and out.

I worked for eight years at a house label and still have a lot of love for the genre which is why it is nice to write about two house records on the bounce. Rush Hour are another label after my own heart with their work with Virgo and lets be honest the Dutch got house in a way that not a lot of countries did. Their clubs were always fun to visit and from the late 80s onwards there always a lot of synergy between the Dutch and English scenes. Anyway, we digress. I think this release is a double pack but its basically top notch house with something for everyone. It fits perfectly with the Running Back release below. Again no soundclips am afraid but check it on Phonica or Picadilly. Nice sleeve too.


Just got the new Running Back in and though I haven’t got my logic up so can’t give you any clips I thought I’d just give a quick heads up anyway. First track comes across like Loose Ends doing a house track and the others also have that sheen of quality. Its, as ever with Running Back, across the board goodness with heart and comes recommended. Get them while you can.


This one is worth checking. An album played live with no midi and no samples heavily influenced by 70s library music from a team that have previously worked with Money Mark and Shaun Lee amongst others. It’ll be available to buy from your local online store, physical shops and of course at wonderfulsound.com from the 29th of August. Right on.

I like this one. Worth the entrance fee for the Wire mix of ‘Nosebleed’ alone which has an understated, almost new wave vocal (think perverted Michael Hutchence gone shoomy), alongside a rolling deep electronic disco track. Tidy.

Call Super: And It Was (Excerpt)

Call Super: Nosebleed (Wire Mix) (Excerpt)

The Call Super E.P will be with all good stockists on July the 18th.


World Unknown is a night run by Andy Blake of Cave Paintings/Dissident and Joe Hart of Bodyhammer and Bloc. It is now also a record label coming your way soon and we are on the second release (our does do more than what you hear honest). They have a way with words so I am going to pass this over to them so you can read what it’s all about. For more information on the label click here.


World Unknown is a monthly underground party held in a railway arch in Brixton, South London.

It’s a post-industrial pleasure dome full of strange and often exotic music that pumps and throbs and shimmers and shakes. The 60s and 70s vintage projector-based lighting and roomful of disco-fog adds to the otherworldliness of the night which is totally unlike any other club in London, and quite possibly the world.

Noting a distinct shortage of contemporary record labels releasing the kind of music that they play at the parties, organisers and resident DJ’s Andy Blake (Cave Paintings, Dissident) and Joe Hart (Bodyhammer, Bloc) decided World Unknown should have it’s own 12” only label.

Each World Unknown release will be a split-artist 12” and there will be six coming out in the first year of it’s life. Here are details of the first two, due to hit the shops in the first week of July 2011.

Release date – early July 2011
Format – limited edition 12” only – no digital release

Side W: Naum Gabo – Whop! (Excerpt)

The first World Unknown 12” kicks off with a slamming piece of prototype house from Glasgow’s Naum Gabo aka Jonnie Wilkes from Optimo and his production partner James Savage. Showing that a relatively low pace doesn’t mean any drop in energy levels and dancefloor pump power, Whop! cracks along like something from an alternate reality version of 1980’s Chicago. It’s as easy to imagine it rocking the house at Medusa’s or the Box as it is to envision it in the present day soundtracking some kind of bizarro fetish party or a particularly intense session at Berghain’s Lab-oratory. This is jacking in the true sense of the word.

Side U: Franz Underwear – Grauzone (Excerpt)

On the flip side Italian born Berlin resident Franz Underwear ups the tempo with a stunning piece of slamming European musclebeat. Shades of Ibiza 88-89 pervade here; the kind of pumping, chunky synth action, Teutonic vocal exhortations and vaguely menacing but ultimately benign vibe that sent thousands of potty European kids totally round the bend and changed the world of dance music forever. Fuse together ideas of glamorous open air Mediterranean nightclubs full of sex-crazed hedonistic Eurotrash, sweaty, strobey, smoky South London acid-house basements with walls of bassbins at one end, and your first decent E – that one so strong and clean that your brain nearly popped out of your head and ended up on Mars, and you’re getting somewhere near what this record sounds like. Savage, joyous and teetering on the edge of sanity.

Release date – early july 2011
Format – limited edition 12” only – no digital release

Side W: Neville Watson – One Four Green (Excerpt)

If you were to cut Neville Watson he would bleed acid house, he’d also quite likely knock you flat on your arse for having the temerity to wave a knife at him, but that’s a whole other story. For his first WU contribution he ventures down the ethereal proto-house boulevard. Jacking 707 patterns, a bouncing Juno bassline and outer-space synth lines take you into the upper atmosphere for a glorious airborne joyride. As ever, Neville manages to evoke those 85-89 feelings without ever sounding merely retro or like some kind of pastiche, something that many attempt but very few manage to pull off.

Side U: Apiento – The Orange Place (Excerpt)

Over on side u Apiento, the force behind the magisterially brilliant Test Pressing website (paid him for that one – Ed), chips in with a heartfelt homage to the new beat sound. Another testimony to the fact that a lower tempo doesn’t have to mean diminished energy levels, The Orange Place simply oozes class from top to bottom. Like some lost Ancienne Belgique classic it pounds and pumps along, building up the tension all the while until the quasi- Eastern refrain lets loose half way thru and all of a sudden a mystic portal opens up in the space-time continuum that leads all the way to Southwark Street in late 87.

For label and other World Unknown info email Andy and Joe here and for distribution enquiries mail here.

World Unknown are also having a launch party in Brixton on Friday 8th July. It won’t be the usual record launch party though. Just the usual WU faces, two bags of records, a smoke-filled room and a big black wall of speakers pounding out the pressure. DJs on the night are Andy Blake and Joe Hart of World Unknown playing throbbing electronic music for dancing™ from 11pm -6am. Email the chaps here for £5 list all night (ltd to first 50).

Our regular Brixton Venue, a railway arch far far away from the tyranny. It’s easy to get to by tube (Brixton 10 mins walk), overground (Loughborough Junct 30 seconds) and bus. The 35/N35 stops right outside and runs all night and day. Address will be sent closer to the time.


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