Bit of an iFeel round up here. So out now (I think) is the second IFeel Studio 12. You know the coup on this one if you are reading this. Its lovely music from across the water. Apparently an album is in the pipeline so we look forward to hearing more on that front.

IFeel Studio / Watching Stars Over The Rubicon Beltway
/ Soundcloud

IFeel Studio / Morgengruss III / Soundcloud

Also in IFeel news, together with Gatto Fritto and his Fritto Morto label, they are working on a joint release and first up is Gonna with a track called ‘ACDise #2’. All four tracks are belters. The main track is a hypnotic one that builds and builds, then there is another version from Swedish techno crew Skudge, a remix from Gatto Fritto himself and finally a lovely ambient track ‘Turn to Light’. It’s out September the 12th.

Finally there is another one of their super limited runs going by the ace name of Adventure Party. It’s fun time on the dancefloor and we love it. Keep your eyes peeled as I think its going to come and go pretty quickly. It’s out on the 22 August – 120 Hand Stamped Whites and then 30 special White Vinyl with lazer etching through LN-CC.

Adventure Party / Soundcloud

Test Pressing information service over and out.

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